Audience Measurement & Engagement Solution

Engage while Measuring

CMAS players are engineered to combine revolutionary CMS software / Audience Measurement Analytics with hardware that is ultra-compact and includes a lifetime replacement warranty. CMAS players seamlessly interface with media mea’s CMAS cloud-based network via wired or wireless Internet. With CMAS at your screens, a portal opens to the most comprehensive suite of web-based Content Management and Audience Measurement Analytics and Engagement Solution.

Simply log into your secure CMAS Manager Platform account to upload, schedule, distribute your content and instantly measure the audience passing by and interacting with it. CMAS players automatically retrieve your content from media mea’s secure network and display it according to your scheduling entries. It also combines your content with other high-value data. It is a plug-and-play device and it does not require extensive technical skills to install or maintain. CMAS players can support HDMI, VGA or composite video. The Wi-Fi-Sensor within the player measures traffic flow in real-time on a per campaign, sensor and time basis. It easily generates and schedules custom, automated email reports illustrating impressions, dwell-time, frequency and engagement metrics. It also triggers a one time URL pop-up once the mobile user joins its Wi-Fi Hotspot. This URL pop-up can be used as a promotional and advertisement message.

CMAS Media Capabilities: 1.2 GHz 64-Bit Quade-Core ARMv7 Cortex A53, 1GB + 8GB. Linux 4.x (Debian Jessie).

Resolution: 1080p (1920x1020).

Supported images: (JPG, PNG, etc.), Video (MP4, AVI, etc.). Player downloads content and caches it locally to facilitate offline playback (optional) CSS3/JS on a Webkit2.0 Chrome-like browser. RSS newsfeeds, custom announcements, weather forecasts. Analytics Capture Circumference: 230 feet / 70 meters.

Solution includes the following:

- Introductory kick-off training with post install CMAS sensor calibration.

- Content Management Software.

- Audience Analytics yearly software license.

- Custom Dashboard, reporting, and Traffic Analytics.

- Custom Hotspot and Self-serve landing page engagement platform.

- Remote support with guaranteed response time within 24 hours.

- Casing to mount sensors to wall, ceiling, etc.

CMAS Brochure

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