Engage with your Audience

What is audience engagement in DOOh?

Lately, advertisers have been talking a lot about audience engagement. But what does it really mean for the digital out of home industry? Even though the definition is still quite vague, it implies an engaged feeling, people who are intrigued of what a brand does or what it is. Generally speaking, the longer the average session of an audience is watching an Ad or engaging with it, the more engagement to the Ad there is. CMAS by media mea is able to measure all of these events along with the dwell time caused by these engagements.

Enhancing audience engagement nowadays is critical, because engaged users are more likely to trust a specific brand. They often pass through the same route or location on their way to work in the morning, back home in the evening or throughout the weekend. media mea adds a value function with CMAS measurement solution that enables the unit to engage with an audience situated within a 100 feet from it through its integrated Wi-Fi sensor and also through the integration of Social Media with a dynamic billboard using media mea's Social Media Channel.

Also, brands want to keep their audiences engaged with ever-changing campaigns without boring them. The way to that is by adding infotainment through News, Weather, and social information that adds less boring playlists to its running lists of campaigns. media mea's infotainment Channel offers a high-return solution to brands deversifying their digital signage playlists with automated infotainment content feeds. These feeds include News, Weather, Local Traffic, and so much more.