Our partners are made up of Technology Industry Alliances, Associations, Agencies, Distributors and Resellers.

media mea has a strategic partnership with Apple, ensuring a steady supply of Mac minis and Apple TVs. These devices, recognized as some of the world's most energy-efficient computers and players, are ideal for integration into media mea's sleek digital kiosks and LCD screens due to their compact form. Apple's commitment to sustainability is evident as their products not only meet but exceed the EPA’s strict low power requirements, earning them an ENERGY STAR qualification and the prestigious EPEAT Gold rating. Additionally, the built-in Wi-Fi feature allows CMS integrators to remotely update and manage digital signs from anywhere globally, enhancing flexibility and control over digital content delivery.

Cupertino, CA  USA

BlueZoo offers the BlueFox foot-traffic analytics solution with the real-time measure of crowding with visitor counts, which can be published live on digital signage.

BlueFox products also measure digital signage opportunities-to-see (advertising reach) and unique visitor recurrence (frequency) as well as drive-to-store performance to quantify OOH advertising efficiency.

It is available as stand-alone sensors or as a BrightSign firmware extension requiring no additional hardware deployment.

Sunnyvale, CA  USA

BoardActive Software is the most robust and comprehensive platform on the market for connecting mobile app users with location-based messaging. BoardActive's mission is to generate considerable and constant upticks in revenue for its clients/customers and partners. They do this through significantly strengthening companies and brands relationships with their App users and followers. Then build upon this solid foundation by maintaining welcomed and relevant mobile communications with each and every one of them. 

Atlanta, GA  USA

BrightSign, LLC is a privately held company located in Los Gatos, California is the global market leader in digital signage media players. BrightSign players are known for their signature reliability, affordability and ease-of-use by the commercial digital signage market worldwide. BrightSign solid-state digital signage media players set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease-of-use and interactivity. BrightSign partners with industry leading CMS providers, content providers and technology providers to deliver vertically-targeted solutions for any digital signage application as it does with media mea's DS Solutions. BrightSign players are available as stand-alone players or as a BrightSign firmware extension to other software solutions.

Sunnyvale, CA  USA

C.A.S.S. Firm is a boutique, minority veteran owned full service-connected digital media and programmatic advertising firm powered by Lemma Technologies connecting us to the online digital eco system.  We’ve also licensed Comcast advertising technology platform to deliver ad spots to linear, cable, satellite, broadcast, and radio stations from local to international markets. A few our services include  Programmatic Advertising Solutions, Media Planning, Buying, Selling (DOOH, CTV, Web, Video, App, In-App), Network Management, Content Distribution, Channel Development, Branded Entertainment, Software/Technology Development, Digital Infrastructure Expansion, Data Monetization, Cyber Security and PR. 

Atlanta, GA  USA

Founded in 2006, the Digital POut-of-Home Everything (DPAA) represents leading digital placed based networks by promoting their integral role in the "video everywhere" ecosystem. On behalf of its members, DPAA fosters collaboration between agencies and digital place based networks; provides standards, best practices and industry-wide research; and promotes the effectiveness of digital place based advertising. Digital Place Based Media is defined as networked digital video screens containing programming and advertising, reaching consumers on their daily journeys in places where they dwell. The DPAA is a Video Everywhere Association™. For more information reach out to 

New York City, NY  USA is a leading digital signage software provider known for its versatile, cloud-based platform that supports a wide range of hardware. Their innovative software offers dynamic content management capabilities, real-time updates, and interactive solutions tailored to enhance digital communication strategies across various sectors. This collaboration underscores our commitment to integrating state-of-the-art technology solutions that elevate our service offerings and drive digital transformation for our clients.

London, UK

Rely on FASTSIGNS® cutting edge technology and expert consultants to develop the right mix of visual communications solutions to help meet your business objectives. From banners to building signs, truck graphics to trade show exhibits, printing to point-of-purchase signs and window graphics to wall murals, FASTSIGNS® is more than ready and more than able to help bring your business communications to life. FASTSIGNS® is an authorized reseller of media mea’s indoor and outdoor interactive digital signage solutions.

Dallas, TX  USA

edia mea has partnered with Google to incorporate Android Chrome players into its comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions. Clients have the flexibility to choose from an extensive array of Content Management Solutions that are fully compatible with Google Chrome and Android players, enhancing the versatility and effectiveness of their digital displays.

Mountain View, CA  USA

media mea has forged a strategic partnership with LG, a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial electronics, to leverage their advanced LCD and OLED display screens in our custom digital signage solutions. This collaboration has enabled media mea to offer a fully integrated line of digital signage displays, including Totems, Kiosks, Video Walls, and specialized interactive tables and walls, all featuring LG's specially customized panels. Proud of the empowerment that LG's technology brings, media mea is optimistic about the innovative possibilities and a promising future ahead with this partnership.

Seoul, South Korea

Loop TV

media mea has a dynamic partnership with Loop TV through its platform by revolutionizing the digital media landscape. Loop TV offers an engaging and diverse array of video content that transforms any space into a vibrant entertainment hub. This partnership allows media mea to harness Loop TV's platform to sell advertising nationwide, tapping into a broad audience across various demographics.

Through this collaboration, media mea leverages Loop TV's extensive network to offer advertisers unique opportunities for visibility. Advertisers can now effectively reach their target audiences in numerous venues, from bars and restaurants to gyms and offices, where Loop TV's content keeps viewers entertained and engaged.

This partnership not only expands media mea' service offerings but also enhances the advertising efficacy for businesses looking to increase their market presence through innovative and captivating digital content solutions.

Glendale, CA  USA

Skoop Signage is a cloud-based digital signage software. (CMS) 

Users leverage SKOOP Signage to remotely control various content playing on their network of screens. SKOOP also has an advanced programmatic Ad Server that can be enabled on any screen. Enabling users to seamlessly generate revenue from their screens!

Skoop’s content design studio will help you create beautiful graphics for your digital screens in minutes. 

Detroit, MI  USA

Snap Install

media mea has a strategic partnership with Snap Install, enhancing the deployment and support of its digital signage solutions. This collaboration ensures that end users receive seamless installation services alongside ongoing support, crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of digital displays.

This partnership addresses key logistical challenges by leveraging Snap Install expertise in nationwide installation and technical services. It allows media mea to focus on its core competencies—innovating and delivering high-quality digital signage—while Snap Install handles the complexities of physical setup and post-installation adjustments.

For end users, this means quicker installation times, professional setups that adhere to industry standards, and accessible technical support. This arrangement not only simplifies the operational process for customers but also enhances their experience by ensuring that all systems function smoothly and are well-maintained. Overall, the collaboration between media mea and Snap Install significantly benefits users by providing a comprehensive service package from purchase to long-term maintenance.

Minneapolis, MN  USA

Spectrio is the digital signage industry leader offering a best-in-class product suite that’s easy-to-use, reliable and scalable. They strategically work with businesses and organizations to customize solutions that meet their needs while providing superior service for their clients. The Spectrio Difference is coming alongside their partners to help them envision a desired future state and then making their potential a reality. 

Tampa, FL  USA