Connected TV Advertising


Essential and Affordable

Nothing reaches and engages audiences like TV, which is why TV is the #1 brand builder. Partner with our experts to put your business on TV. Access to Premium TV, Business News & Weather, Local News, Movies & TV Shows, Documentary, SportsFamily, African American, Lifestyle, Anime , Comedy, Hispanic TV Channel Networks and make your Ad visible to all live channels and audiences.

38% of Daily Media Time

People spend more time with TV than any other platform.1

90% of Adults Reached Weekly

TV Reaches more adults than any other platform.2

92% of Video Content Viewed

Viewers spend more time with video than all other content combined.2

The data you need to be successful.

TV isn't the same old CTV.  We have unparalleled access to demographic, household, consumer, and viewership data that allows us to target the right audiences and deliver actionable insights for every marketing campaign you run.

Find New Customers

media mea has unrivaled access to networks and more, ensuring your message is placed in front of viewers that want to find your brand.

Reach Them Directly

Proprietary data and customer insights let us produce smart creative messaging for your business, then deliver it across every device.

Know that it worked

With our Audience Tracking Solution, our clients have transparent information on every impression for TV and digital campaigns.

Connect with a local expert dedicated to your business

When you work with us, your business is supported by an average of ten teams, including experts in your market, account management, creative, customer research, and more.

So, are you ready to boost your business with dynamic TV advertising? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can elevate your brand. Click here to get started!