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Augmented Reality in DOOh

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) has evolved to be seen now across a broad range of business activities and markets. It has certainly grown rapidly in the DOOh industry, with several media partners integrating AR into their clients' campaigns. AR is definitely creating an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. Consumers can now interact with billboard's content and become part of the advertising campaign. The result is always positive perfect for both sales performance and brand awareness. 

media mea's ARDOOh which is powered by DARABASE helps create a streamlined, omni-channel marketing experience, where technology and DOOh interact to reinforce advertisements across all platforms. However, ARDOOh could take this one step further, by allowing users to interact with DOOh advertisements. The immersive nature of these ads makes them very attractive. AR applications can be QR code or GPS-based. Most people are familiar with the QR code, which, when scanned using your mobiles camera, redirects you to a website or app. GPS simply used your location to allow interaction.

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AR using QR Code

With QR codes in augmented reality, you can scan an AR code natively and engage with the pre-set content. You just need to point your camera towards the QR code with AR and it will redirect you to the specific URL containing the augmented reality web app.

AR using GPS

With GPS, a smart phone with embedded GPS recognizes its location on the world from GPS data, and shows AR content on the phone to highlight places, directions, and so on. It shows AR content related to objects with specific coordinates on the real world.

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