Delivering Dynamic Digital Signage

media mea's cloud base Analytical Digital Signage software come with measurement tools and equipped with its own Digital add-on Solutions. Our different software solutions can publish media content to unlimited number of registered, compatible devices while providing the tools needed in order to deliver adequate content for each running campaign on different networks of screens. The different digital signage platform we currently have for the different software are compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating system players which means you can choose from a range of suitable OPS devices for your digital signage campaigns. Push content to tablets, video walls and other media mea screens and touch displays can be done using the different software solutions we have. Some will carry with it added analytics measurement technology along with the ability to engage live via push notifications to mobile.

AR is capable of creating content for mass audiences with focus on user experience. When combined with DOOh abilities in reaching mass urban audiences and building brand focus, brands can integrate AR to increase both reach and interactivity of their campaigns. DOOh advertising is capable of endless development, reinvention and revolution and with the use of AR in DOOh, space is the limit.


Spectrio's WiFi Marketing provides Audience Measurement Analytics with durable hardware.

WiFi Marketing adds internet service to the brand's visitors, while giving them the ability to engage and communicate with them. They’re also able to measure their dwell time at any location where the access point is and be able to engage with them every step of the way. Ads sponsorships from local brand vendors can also be added anytime a new splash page is received on the visitors’ mobile device.

Embed Signage is media mea's cloud base Remote Content Management Solution. It can publish digital signage content to an unlimited number of registered, compatible devices while providing the tools needed in order to deliver needed content for each running Ad or information on the screen. Embed Signage is compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and other player devices which means you can choose from a range of players suitable for your digital signage needs.

media mea's Social Media Channel tool that helps create interaction with Digital screens or Billboards. media mea will turn any digital display into a destination. It will help stream social media content directly to a digital display with LIVE updates, images and videos.

media mea's Infotainment Channel is an information channel that is categorized as news, weather and other social gossip intended for entertainment between Advertisement contents. Infotainment content is usually mixed also with other messages, such as ads and educational content.