Digital Signage Software

Delivering Dynamic Digital Signage

media mea's cloud base Analytical Digital Signage software come with measurement tools and equipped with its own Digital add-on Solutions. Our different software solutions can publish media content to unlimited number of registered, compatible devices while providing the tools needed in order to deliver adequate content for each running campaign on different networks of screens. The different digital signage platform we currently have for the different software are compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating system players which means you can choose from a range of suitable OPS devices for your digital signage campaigns. Push content to tablets, video walls and other media mea screens and touch displays can be done using the different software solutions we have. Some will carry with it added analytics measurement technology along with the ability to engage live via push notifications to mobile.

AdSwitch is an innovative advertising solution by Media Mea that transforms any commercial TV into a dynamic advertising platform. This cutting-edge technology allows businesses to seamlessly integrate targeted advertisements into their TV programming, maximizing exposure and engagement with viewers. AdSwitch offers flexibility and precision, enabling advertisers to customize content delivery based on audience demographics and viewing habits. With its easy-to-use interface and robust analytics, AdSwitch empowers brands to enhance their advertising strategies, ensuring that their messages reach the right audience at the right time. 

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Augmented Reality (AR) has the power to create immersive content for mass audiences, enhancing user experience through interactive and engaging elements. When combined with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, which excels at reaching vast urban audiences and building brand focus, AR can significantly boost both the reach and interactivity of advertising campaigns. Brands can use AR to transform traditional DOOH spaces into dynamic, interactive environments, offering endless opportunities for development and reinvention. This integration allows advertisers to captivate audiences in innovative ways, making AR in DOOH (ARDOOh) a frontier with limitless potential for creative and impactful brand experiences.

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BlueZoo is at the forefront of innovative audience measurement technology, delivering precise and privacy-compliant analytics solutions for various environments, including retail spaces, public venues, and digital signage. By leveraging advanced sensor technology, BlueZoo accurately counts and analyzes foot traffic, providing businesses with invaluable insights into customer behavior and engagement. Our cutting-edge platform ensures real-time data accessibility, empowering clients to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and marketing strategies. With a commitment to accuracy, privacy, and exceptional support, BlueZoo is redefining how businesses understand and interact with their audiences. media mea uses BlueZoo in integrating its powerful analytics to enhance our clients' digital signage solutions.

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Our Geo-Location and Audience-Based B2B mobile software is designed for customer growth, seamlessly connecting brands to people. BoardActive enables brands, apps, media, advertisers, and mobile verticals to easily schedule and deliver targeted customer creatives based on consumers' journeys and experiences. By utilizing BoardActive geofencing technology, businesses can drive revenue, engage audiences, measure interactions, direct traffic, and retarget customers effectively. BoardActive facilitates effortless connection with audiences anywhere, ensuring that brands can engage with their customers in meaningful and impactful ways, enhancing overall customer growth and satisfaction.

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CMAS Connect Professional WiFi Marketing offers comprehensive Visitor Engagement & Measurement Analytics through robust industrial-grade Access Points. Our service transforms any indoor or outdoor space into an interactive internet hotspot, enabling real-time communication and engagement with connected visitors. This solution not only tracks visitors' dwell time but also keeps them engaged throughout their entire journey, including return visits. Additionally, local brand vendors can enhance engagement by adding ad sponsorships, displayed whenever a new splash page is viewed on visitors’ mobile devices. CMAS Connect ensures your business can connect meaningfully with visitors, driving engagement and providing valuable insights.

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Embed Signage is media mea's cloud-based Remote Content Management Solution designed to deliver dynamic digital signage content to an unlimited number of registered, compatible devices. This versatile platform supports Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and other player devices, allowing users to choose the most suitable hardware for their needs. Embed Signage provides comprehensive tools for scheduling, publishing, and managing content, ensuring that each screen displays the right information or advertisements at the right time. With interactive capabilities, real-time updates, and multi-zone layouts, Embed Signage empowers businesses to create engaging and effective digital displays tailored to their audience.

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media mea's Infotainment Channel is a dynamic information and entertainment service designed to enhance viewer engagement between advertisements. It features a blend of news, weather, and social gossip alongside other entertaining content. Additionally, infotainment content often incorporates educational messages and promotional ads, providing a comprehensive viewing experience. Drawing from Seenspire's expertise, media mea's Infotainment Channel offers curated, high-quality content that keeps audiences informed and entertained. With the ability to seamlessly mix various types of content, this channel ensures that viewers remain engaged while delivering essential information and promotional material effectively.

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media mea's Social Media Channel is a powerful tool designed to foster interaction with digital screens or billboards, transforming any digital display into a dynamic destination. Leveraging its capabilities, media mea enables the seamless streaming of social media content directly to digital displays, featuring live updates, images, and videos. This innovative approach not only enhances viewer engagement but also encourages real-time interaction, making digital signage more relevant and captivating. Whether it’s showcasing trending topics, customer testimonials, or promotional content, media mea's Social Media Channel ensures your displays remain vibrant and up-to-date, driving deeper audience connection and participation.

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