Digital Production Services

We Offer Digital Production Services

Digital Production Services provides on-demand media files (mp3, wav, mp4) that increase the reach of your event exponentially. Digital Production is valuable content you can repurpose, re-run, and reskin. This provides amazing opportunities that benefit you, your sponsors, and the audience.

How Does Digital Production Work?

The content captured during your event is invaluable. Following the event, our team of professionals will ensure your recording is visually and auditorily stunning.

Our media experts will produce and provide a clear and concise recording of your event by seamlessly removing umms, word stumbles, and elongated pauses.

Digital production services can also be used for pre-recorded sessions. We understand not all speakers are available to present LIVE, so the professionals at media mea can create an edited recording of their presentation that you, your sponsors, and your target audience will love.

Level-Up Your Recording with Us

  • We offer captioning services and will happily include captions in any recording.

  • Add open-source music and adjust speakers’ audio levels to ensure the sound levels are consistent throughout.

  • A call to action is important. We can add social media handles, website addresses, QR Codes, and more.

The above elements give your audience a modernized means to interact with your brand and affiliated sponsors in innovative ways that increase engagement and ROI. Our goal at media mea is to make your recording and on-demand content something you are proud of, and we will do everything we can to make it exceptional. We have customized, budget-conscious pricing and would love to talk to you about how we can help.