Social Media Channel

Engagement your DOOh with Social Media

Display your social media interactions on-site, on a Digital Out-Of Home and in real time. Show the world what you love about your customers and what your customers love about you. media mea' Social Media Channel enables you to create, moderate and display your social media channel. Supercharge your display communications and online marketing. Shine the Spotlight on your biggest fans. Our solution enables you to create your own social media channel with live updates, images and videos. Create your channel from scratch in five easy steps and up to 100 displays. Picture your social media wall featuring hand-picked, user-generated content. Now picture that channel playing on your digital billboard, consistently replenished with fresh material. People nearby stop and stare. Some eagerly wait for their moment of fame. They’re experiencing your brand in a new way: through real stories about real people. Use hashtag campaigns not only to increase online traffic, but also foot traffic near your physical site. Set your custom channel to include your hashtag and fuel new conversations as they happen. For each feed you add to your channel, you are in control. Choose between manually approving and automatically publishing posts. Seek out your audience’s favorite influences and trusted media sources on social media, and add them to your channel. Choose from our animated layout styles and customize settings to brand your favorite design. With our designs available in both landscape and portrait options, your content will always appear visually appealing and easy on the eyes—no clutter, no chaos. Enjoy the freedom to customize your channel and handpick content without the headaches of managing complexities from the back end. Set up your channel in five minutes or less.

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Social media content

Grow your brand’s community. Leverage pre-approved posts to connect viewers with brand-owned or relevant user-generated content. All sourced, curated and visualized from the world’s major social networks.

Socialize your signage

Social signage engages by bringing together the personal and professional for greater engagement and productivity.

Humanize your brand

Your communications are the face of your company. Make it a friendly one with social content.

Employee engagement

Employees get more involved when they can express themselves through the highly visible medium of digital signage.

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