Virtual Event Production Services

Production Services

Our team of experienced Virtual Event Producers will ensure that your webinars meet your ROI expectations. Whether your definition of ROI includes increased webinar registrations and attendance, ensuring that every meeting starts on time, an engaging participant experience, or post webinar data for lead generation activities, we will be there to exceed your expectations. We partner with our customers on their most important and high profile communication moments including Earnings Webcasts and Calls, sales trainings, continuing education, keynote speakers, product rollouts, and employee onboarding all the way to everyday internal webinar management.

We take a very custom approach to each webinar always ensuring we execute with your user experience and desired outcomes in mind. We know that webinar planning and execution can be stressful so allow our team to apply best practices, coordinate all details, and be there to execute the event alongside your talent.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Gain additional ROI from your existing webinar technology or review other technology options through our strategic partners.

  • Save time by allowing our team to create your webinar details for participants and speakers, host dry runs with your presenters, answer all technical questions submitted, edit your recording, and provide custom post-event analytics based on your needs.

  • Gain innovative approaches to increase engagement and best practices learned through our vast experience of producing webinars.

  • Have a consistent Event Production Team that you can trust to execute the details so you can focus on your presenter, participants, and content.

  • Reduce the stress levels of your valued talent by providing them with an Event Producer to execute the details.


Conference Call Transcriptions

Your webinar recordings can quickly be transcribed and sent for your review. We added this service to our offerings based on customer requests as transcripts are often needed for legal review prior to posting content online or through other communication channels. All transcripts are reviewed for accuracy and industry specific terminology is applied by all transcription talent. Transcripts can be expedited and in your inbox within 24 hours. Contact us today to learn more or to order a transcript.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning for calls

media mea has a strategic partnership with the top closed captioning company. Many of our customers have 508C compliance needs for their webinars. We can simply add closed captioning to your webinar setup requirements and our team will coordinate all the details allowing for streamlined compliance. Have you consider captioning services for your webinars?