Bluezoo Audience Measurement

Digital Transformation Through Advanced Analytics

Measure Real Time Viewership For Digital Signage

BlueZoo delivers accurate, privacy-protecting, and cost-efficient measurement of the presence and movement of people. It passively measures the presence of mobile phones as a proxy for people. 

Sensors are delivered as custom hardware, but can also be deployed as firmware-only (e.g. on BrightSign media players). Its purpose-built dashboard simplifies analysis and anomaly detection. Users derive insights from fine-grain data that are recorded in a cloud-based data warehouse and from real time alerts.

For digital signage, the BlueZoo solution reports impression count and campaign reach, and its location foot-traffic analytics include visits, occupancy, dwell time, unique visitors with visit frequency, and traffic flow.

BlueZoo Product Features


BlueZoo Count measures “visitors” at a moment in time and aggregates the number of “visits” over a period of time. Sensors report the probes from mobile phones several times each minute, keeping real time counts accurate.  While the number of visitors is equal to the number of visits underway, the number of visits during the course of a day is generally much higher than the number of visitors at any time.


BlueZoo Analyze delivers more advanced insights to decision makers. Measurements include visitor dwell time, window conversion, unique visitors, and unique visitor recurrence. These metrics allow business to understand the aggregate behavior of all visitors. Analyze also delivers these metrics across sensors, aggregating data (e.g. group dwell time) across sensor locations for ready comparison.


BlueZoo Convert measures foot traffic between locations that may be any distance apart, and is normally configured to accumulate data over several days or weeks. Convert is useful for measuring the impact of signage and its influence on consumer foot traffic. First, traffic is measured to establish a baseline. Then, after signage is put in place, traffic is remeasured to quantify the impact of the signage.


BlueZoo Flow measures foot traffic over the course of a single day to track the visitors’ journeys from place to place in areas like large buildings, hotels, airports, or malls. Following visitor walking patterns in aggregate helps facilities managers better use public spaces.

Passive WiFi Sensors

BlueZoo’s Wi-Fi sensors are small, low-cost, low-power devices, each with an integrated Wi-Fi radio that listens passively for Wi-Fi probes emitted spontaneously by mobile phones. The sensors can also be deployed as a firmware application on platforms with Wi-Fi radios. BlueZoo’s strategy is to deploy an increasingly larger share of our sensors as firmware running on platforms like media players, smoke detectors, security systems, smart doorbells, and HVAC controls.

Modular Sensor

The BlueZoo Black Panther modular sensor has flexible configuration options and communicates with BlueZoo cloud systems via ethernet, Wi-Fi backhaul, or cellular backhaul. External and Directional antennas are also available as add ons.

The sensor is powered via a micro-USB connector, which can itself be powered via a PoE (Power over Ethernet) splitter.

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Ceiling-Mount Sensor

The BlueZoo ceiling-mount sensor enclosure integrates a BlueZoo modular sensor, a PoE splitter, and optionally either a directional antenna or a cellular modem.  The sensor communicates with BlueZoo cloud systems via ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular backhaul. Ethernet network interface cards and Wi-Fi radios are standard.

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