Infotainment Channel 

Engage Audience with Infotainment Channel

media mea's Infotainment Channel is an information channel that is categorized as news, weather and other social gossip intended for entertainment between Advertisement contents. Infotainment content is usually mixed also with other messages, such as ads and educational content. It catches the eye and helps retain attention which works perfectly well in venues with extended dwell times. media mea provides these different playlists from different media outlet partners and delivers it directly to the brands' Content Management Software scheduling it between scheduled commercials. The entertainment messages will keep the audiences interested in the entertainment content being shown on the screens, and as they continue watching it, the main campaign playlist content will always come back to play and keep these audiences interested.

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Use Infotainment

Information empowers us and no client should feel left out. Use Infotainment feeds to inform and entertain, with the added benefit of building an attractive content playlist through content variety.

Get attention to your company messages

Mix need-to-know messages with Infotainment powered content for maximum impact. Position them with other on-brand content for a consistently fresh, attention-grabbing digital signage experience.

Diversify your digital signage content playlist

Modern audiences expect variety. Content needs to be up-to-date, engaging and needs to reward their attention. Choose automated infotainment content for your screens that includes news, weather, local traffic and much much more.

License-cleared and

always reliable

We handle the hassle of licensing intellectual ownership which ranges from news and weather to sports and lifestyle like some of the world’s leading media partners, such as Reuters, AFP, and Sky News Arabia.

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