Commercial TV Ad Packages

For local businesses aiming to target location and demographic based consumers, getting an Ad on TV is an efficient approach to build brand recognition and drive sales. Even more so now that you have access to a wide selection of interest-based streaming networks and are able to advertise to specific audiences on streaming channels.

Please check out the below Ad Time Slots and prices that will fit your Audiences and Budgets.

All Day $10 per venue per day

This inclusive, all-day offering allows you to run ads from 5am - 2am in the venues of your choice. All Venues.

Mornings Only $2 per venue per day

From coffee shops to fitness centers, amplify your presence from 5am - 11 am with a morning campaign, Auto/Cars, Gyms/Fitness Centers, Medical/Dental, Cafes.

Afternoons Only $2 per venue per day

Afternoons can be a delight for the right business. Reach your audience with Our Commerical TV with the 11am - 4pm time slot. Auto/Cars, Medical/Dental, Restaurants, Retail, Sports and Entertainment.

Evenings Only $4 per venue per day

Raise your sales as the sun sets with an ultra-engaging campaign from 4pm - 9pm. Bars, Gyms/Fitness Centers, Restaurants and Retail.

Late Night Only $2 per venue per day

The perfect choice for businesses seeking to engage late-night customers from 9pm - 2am. Bars and Restaurants.

You can submit your inquiry by contacting us here and letting us know the following: