Introducing AdSwitch, the next leap in dynamic digital advertising. AdSwitch transforms standard televisions into powerful advertising tools. It leverages cutting-edge software to automate the creation and display of targeted advertisements, seamlessly integrating into any business environment. With AdSwitch, businesses can maximize their advertising reach by delivering tailored content directly to their audience, ensuring high engagement and a substantial increase in ad efficacy. Whether you're looking to enhance customer experience or boost promotional efforts, AdSwitch provides an intelligent, responsive advertising platform that adapts to viewer preferences and context. It excels in replacing generic ads with customized ones that resonate more effectively with a specific business's target audience, offering unique enhancements tailored to your business's specific needs.

AdSwitch works with your existing TVs.

We provide a small box that connects to your existing cable box and works with every satellite and cable provider.

More Sales

Promote your drink specials and events on your existing TVs to increase revenue per guest.

More Control

Control what TV commercials play in your venue to block competitors and distasteful ads.

Less Work

Automate your TVs & digital signage. Remotely schedule everything.

Monetize your Screens

AdSwitch is 100% free to use. You’ll even earn revenue every commercial break. 

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